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Clean up, clean out and donate now

December 27, 2013 Blog Comments
SlideShare presentation by Carol Doane

Great ideas for making the most of the end of the year. Here’s some quick considerations:

Pack it up and cart it out.

Find a charity close to home and deliver a donation. The Salvation Army, Goodwill or a local ministry are good choices where your gently used goods can have a second life. In on Doane neighborhood there is Divine Consign, Habitat for Humanity Restores, Second Hands Thrift Shop and Open House Ministries. You’ll find just as many choices within a few miles of where you live.

Give cash where it makes sense.

Find a charity far away from home and make a cash donation where your dollars both go far and truly go far. If you don’t know where to look consider Dining for Women. They investigate their featured organizations thoroughly and monitor the results. Another great noprofit is the Doane Family Association Foundation’s Scholarship Fund which provides college scholarships to qualified Doanes attending any college and for any qualified student attending Doane College.

Consider the pay of the charity’s CEO.

Would reasonable people consider the administrator’s pay reasonable? Check the local newspaper or do a search online and review CEO compensation. Some is very reasonable and others may boggle the mind.

Consider the charity’s reputation.

Have they been plagued by scandal or praised in the media? A search online will bring up any relevant news stories.

Consider the charity’s work.

Does the work align with your values? It has to do more than tug at your heart strings, it should makes sense to you, and if it does, support them.

And while your thinking of donating, go to the Red Cross and make a very personal donation. Before the year starts you may save up to three lives.

What other tips we can add to this list?

Transcript of the SlideShare

  1. Tips for your end of year donations by Carol Doane
  2. Find a charity close to home and deliver a donation. Pack it up. Cart if out. If no one can use it throw it out.
  3. Find a charity far from home and donate cash. Charities across the globe truly stretch dollars and touch more lives. Consider Dining for Women.
  4. Consider the CEO’s pay. Would reasonable people consider the pay of the charity’s CEO within reason?
  5. Consider their reputation. Has the charity been plagued by scandal or praised for good stewardship?
  6. Consider the charity’s work Does the work align with your values? If it makes sense to you, it makes sense to give.
  7. Give from the heart, and finish well.

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