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Doane family unveils new logo

August 1, 2010 National Comments
Doane Family Association logo

The design of the Doane Family logo began with the image of Doane Rock. It is central to the design with all other symbols supporting the environment inside the shield.

The Doane Family Association symbol is placed underneath to symbolize “upholding” the past traditions and histories to benefit future generations. The border outside of the shield is there to “protect” the environment with specific icons at each corner. The cross, located at the center peak, represents faith. The swords, to the left and right of the cross, represent family who served in the military. The anchor at the base of the shield references stability.

Surrounding the shield is wheat which represents constant nurturing of the protected environment through the generations of our ancestors. The Five stars are symbolic of the five children of Deacon John Doane, the first Doane to land in the colonies.

Around the outer circle is a statement of who we are and what we are about.

The TREE is a particular pear tree with branches, fruit and the stars representing progeny. There is a poem written by Heman Doane about a pear tree transplanted on Cape Cod, Massachusetts from England around 1630 by Thomas Pince that bore fruit for over two hundred years.

The ROCK is a visible symbol of solidity; steadfast and resolute. The Doane Rock is located on the original property of Deacon John Doane in Cape Cod and is the largest exposed glacier bolder in the region.

The BOOK reinforces that education is the beginning of enlightenment. Doane College was founded by Thomas Doane in Crete, Nebraska in the year 1872. The Doane Family Association of Amercia, Inc. (DFA) was formed in 1907 in order to preserve family history. Genealogical records, represented by the BOOK are archived at the college. The “F” in DFA forms the KEY that will unlock the mystery of the origin of Deacon John Doane.

The WHEAT symbolizes agriculture. The ANCHOR symbolizes fishing industries — the backbone of early American industry. The EAGLE is the symbol of America and military service. Doane’s have served in every U.S. conflict including the Revolutionary War.

The SUN represents the light of the world. It is probable that Deacon John Doane came to America to escape religious persecution. Faith in God and fellow man is the foundation for the United States. Other icons representing God include a cross and Bible.

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