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Centenarian Dorothy Doan Baker celebrated for her many “firsts”

September 7, 2014 National, Obituaries Comments Off on Centenarian Dorothy Doan Baker celebrated for her many “firsts”
Dorothy Doan Baker

Dorothy Doan Baker was born September 1, 1912, in Jersey City, NJ and died May 25, 2014 in New York at age 101.

Baker graduated in 1934 from Barnard College with a B.A. She completed her M.S degree from the University of Rochester where she met her husband John H. Baker, Sr. As a science teacher at West Irondequoit High School in Rochester, NY she developed the state’s first environmental science curriculum.

Dorothy had other firsts.

She was the first female president and first President Emerita of the Doane Family Association of America, Inc. She was one of the first volunteers at the Strong National Museum of Play. She was an adopter of technology and was the first Centenarian in her neighborhood to be an avid iPad user which showcased her continuing mental acuity.  She was also a 30-year veteran with the New York State VITA tax program for seniors.

She was preceded in death by her husband of 55 years, John H. Baker, Sr., and survived by three sons: John H. Jr. (JoAnn), Donald D., and Robert K. (Vincent Yacobellis), grandchildren: Jennifer Stahmer (Richard), Todd (Erin), and Allison Kozoll (Rory), and great grandchildren: Abigale, Matthew, Emerson, Andrew, and Jack. She is also survived by “special son” Sven Wennhall and his family in Sweden.

Besides traveling to many Doane family biennial reunions, Dorothy Baker was an extensive world traveler.

A Memorial Service celebrating her life was held on Friday, May 30, 2014 at the Episcopal Church of St. Luke and St. Simon Cyrene, 17 S. Fitzhugh Street, Rochester, NY 14614.

She served as a trustee of the Episcopal Diocese of Rochester. Donations in Dorothy Doan Baker’s honor can be made to the Episcopal Church of St. Luke & St. Simon Cyrene – Baker Altar Fund, 17 S. Fitzhugh St. Rochester, NY 14614.

Legacy.com: www.legacy.com/DorothyDoanBaker

University of Rochester: In Memoriam

Episcopal Archives: Dorothy says, kids need fun


Historian Katherine K. Blair leaves a legacy of Doane family research

September 1, 2014 National, Obituaries Comments Off on Historian Katherine K. Blair leaves a legacy of Doane family research
Katherine K. Blair at a Doane family reunion 2006.

Katherine K. Blair died Monday, March 11, 2014 at her home in Sterling, VA at the age of 83.

She served as the Doane Family Association national historian/genealogist for several years. A virtual encyclopedia of knowledge, Blair had phenomenal insight regarding all branches of the Doane/Doan family who are descendants of Deacon John Doane who settled on Cape Cod in the 17th century.

Katherine K. Blair, wife of the late Albert Blair, was surrounded by her family when she passed and is survived by her sons A. Scott (Pamela) Blair, John D. Blair and his fiancé Winnie B.

In addition to being the national historian for the Doane Family, Katherine Blair was a retired college professor who obtained several degrees. She was also a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution. She was actively involved with the American Kennel Club as well as the Federation of Dog Owners and Breeders. She was instrumental in the legislation that protects dog owners and breeders and for her contributions to the Cocker Spaniel breed and all dogs, the Capital City Cocker Club [pdf] dedicated their May 16, 2014 event to her memory.  Blair leaves behind her beloved four legged kids, Tama and Buttons.

Throughout her volunteer work with the family, she assisted the members of the Doane Family Association of America, Inc (DFA)  in completing their lineages, and also helped would-be members prove their connections to the larger Doane family. She was a regular attendee of the biennial reunions, setting up her DFA genealogy committee in a specially designated reference room to aid reunion attendees in their research. Blair also oversaw the publication of The Doane Family tomes, Volume II, III and was working on IV at the time of her death.

Kay Blair documents Doane misadventures

Kay Blair documents Doane misadventures

Katherine, or Kay as she was known to most Doanes, was the clearing house for all Doane Family Association records, and had a vast archive on the Doane family in her home. Current president of the association, Kenneth M. Doane, traveled to Virginia to honor and preserve her immense collection. With the help of Blair’s son the archive was organized and packed, then transported to Doane College by Kenneth M. Doane where the records currently reside.

Kay Blair’s efforts at accuracy were as well-known as her sense of humor. She was known to jab fun at the expense of her fellow Doanes by documenting their misadventures at the biennial reunions, including tracking the number of reunion attendees who had been locked out of their accommodations.

Katherine K. Blair’s funeral service was handled by Adams-Green Funeral Home, Herndon, VA and held at Sterling United Methodist Church, 304 E. Church Road, Sterling, VA on Saturday, March 15, 2014. She is buried at Sterling Cemetery.

Contributions in Katherine Blair’s honor may be made to Guiding Eyes For The Blind, www.guidingeyes.org.

Legacy.com: www.legacy.com/KatherineKBlair

Adams Green: book of memories

Biennial Doane family reunion in Michigan

May 1, 2014 National Comments Off on Biennial Doane family reunion in Michigan
Michigan State

The Great Lakes Michigan Chapter of the Doane Family Association of Amercia, Inc (DFA) invites all Doane and Doans to the 53rd biennial reunion in Saginaw, Michigan on July 21 – 26, 2014.

Saginaw is located in beautiful east-central Michigan on Saginaw Bay. The event will be held at Saginzw Valley State University.

Several branches of Doanes/Doans settled in Michigan in the early 19th century. Some came directly from the east and others pick up stakes in Canada and traveled south to the great state.

The reunion committee’s lineages descend from at least three of Deacon John Doan‘s children. Dick Doane and his sister MaryAnn Doane Sindt trace their Doane ancestors in Michigan back to 1834. Arlene Thompson‘s family came in 1856, and Bill Fineout‘s Doane family moved in the state in the late 1860s.

The Doans who intermarried with the Dows of Dow Chemical fame were Quakers who came to Michigan via Indiana and Nebraska in the early 20th century

Herbert Dow Doan Science Building

Herbert Dow Doan Science Building, Saginaw, Michigan

DFA members will see the Doan name on the Saginaw campus. The Herbert Dow Doan Science Building is named for Herbert Dow Doan, who died in 2006, and is the last Dow family member to run Dow Chemical. The Doan building boasts a new 1,500 square foot state of the art greenhouse and houses classrooms, faculty offices, teaching labs and a Starbucks. Reunion attendees will have the opportunity to eat at the Marketplace, the main eatery at Doan Center.

Reunion accommodations are in a comfortable, air conditioned residence hall, Living Center North, built in the 1980s. The Living Center is just a few steps from the Marketplace and other campus sites, so there is minimal walking and the paths to the meeting, dining and research rooms are over flat terrain. Right outside the Living Center’s entrance is a large rock that groups visiting campus can “decorate.” DFA members are invited and encouraged to leave their marks on this graffiti rock and paint brushes will be provided.

For those who have a penchant for more challenging terrain, there is a physical fitness room and a pool.

For more information and to sign up visit: doanefamilyassociation.org/2014Reunion


Doane spies 2015 Corvette and snaps picture

September 23, 2013 Blog, Media, National, Photo Comments
Spy photos

According to AutoWeek, spy photos captured by Chris Doane of the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette give us a hint at what to expect when the sports car is released next year.

“From the look of it, the next Z06, which some sources suggest may be called the Z07, will be even meaner looking than the base Stingray. Despite the heavy black camouflage wrapper at the front and rear of the car, it looks like the front fascia is getting reworked — and covering up the new vent just ahead of the rear wheel well would have defeated its purpose, so we get a good look at it.”

Sneak preview of 2015 Chevy Corvette Z06. Photo Chris Doane.

Photographer Chris Doane shared this photo and more which can be seen on the original AutoWeek post found here: 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 spied.

Flowers, family, cocktails and cousins: Dorothy Doan Baker’s 101st birthday celebration

September 2, 2013 Blog, Celebrities, Events, National Comments
Birthday candles

Dorothy Doan Baker’s son, Jack Baker, snapped some pictures of Dorothy enjoying her 101st birthday including flowers sent by the National Association.

Jack Baker writes,

“Dorothy loved the flowers and the recognition from all her Doan Family Cousins and family.

“Here, Dorothy has dressed for cocktails to be followed by a birthday dinner and then….. we’ll have to see if she wants to party all night. Thank you all. Jack Baker”

Dorothy Doan Baker on 101st birthday

Dorothy dressed for cocktails and ready to celebrate her 101st birthday.

Dorothy Doan Baker 101st birthday flowers

Dorothy Doan Baker admiring flowers sent by her Doan(e) cousins

Well, Jack. How late did your mom stay up to celebrate her 101st birthday?

Happy 101st Birthday Dorothy Doan Baker

September 1, 2013 Celebrities, National Comments

There are significant factors that research suggests lead to longevity. According to A Topical Approach to Life-Span Development by John W. Santrock, heredity, family history, health, weight, diet, not smoking, exercise, education level, personality and lifestyle play major parts in living a long life in the United States.

On the other side of the globe, the Japanese attribute a diet that is heavy on grains, fish, vegetables while being light on meat, eggs, and dairy products contribute to long life.

In any region, a low-stress lifestyle, a caring community, where older adults are not isolated, and a high level of activity like walking and gardening contributes to leading longer lives.

Centenarian Dorothy Doan Baker

Dorothy Doan Baker celebrates her 101st birthday.

As a member of the Doane Family Association, Dorothy Doan Baker has experienced the extended Doane caring community and today, she celebrates her 101st birthday. Last year, reaching 100 was a major milestone, and 101 is worth another festive celebration.

There is a comment section below for you to share your birthday wishes and ask Dorothy what she attributes her centenarian “plus one” status.

Happy Birthday, Dorothy!


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