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John Doan performs his harp guitart in Southeast Asia

October 19, 2014 Blog, Local Comments Off on John Doan performs his harp guitart in Southeast Asia
John Doan SE Asia tour

In August former chapter President and musician John Doan traveled to Southeast Asia to perform on his Harp Guitar.

Besides exploring exotic places and meeting new friends, he captured the experience in a series of photo journal posts on his website.

Experience John Doan’s unique and quirky sense of humor as he takes some fascinating and unusual paths along the concert trail.

Part 1 of John Doan’s Southeast Asia Tour post covers:

  • Xi’an China
  • 1000 seat hall sold out
  • Discovery of 1400 year-old pagoda
  • Meeting China’s leading guitar builder

Read the post on johndoan.com/se-asia-tour.

John Doan SE Asia tour

John Doan performs in SE Asia

Vernon Roland Smith was known for his fix-it skills

September 14, 2014 Local, Obituaries Comments Off on Vernon Roland Smith was known for his fix-it skills
Vernon Roland Smith

Vernon Roland Smith, 72, passed away at his home in Vancouver, Washington on August 21, 2014 due to complications of lung cancer.

He was born February 17, 1942 to Della and Roland Smith in Portland, Oregon. He graduated from Portland’s Jefferson High School, attended Vancouver, Washington’s Clark College, and served in the U.S. Air Force.

He retired as a computer and photo technician.

Vernon was a member of the Hoodview Amateur Radio Club and Clark County Regional Emergency Services Agency (CRESA). He loved photography, computers, travel, ham radio, and was known for his impressive fix-it skills.

“Vernon could repair anything and had a wonderful smile and sparkling eyes.”

Vernon Smith fixes everything

Vernon Smith fixes everything

Vernon is survived by his wife, Diane; sisters, Carolyn Neimeyer – treasurer of the Oregon Washington Idaho Chapter of the Doane Family Association of America, Inc., and Mollie Loving – a former board member, as well; two step-children; three grandchildren; and several nieces and nephews.

Vernon Smith was preceded in death by his parents.

Evergreen Memorial Gardens Funeral Chapel handled the private memorial service.

Columbian Obit

Spotted in a Doane home: vintage toilet seat cover

August 31, 2013 Blog, Local Comments

Incredibly someone bought this toilet seat cover. The more astounding fact is that someone actually conceived it and put it into production.

This vintage piece of bathroom history features a poor fellow who looks much like an R. Crumb illustration, but upon deeper inspection it is likely Mr. Toilet Man is just a flattering imitation.

That, however, is just the beginning of his deep issues.

Once the toilet lid is lifted – in the open position, serious issues of the man sitting in the can come to light.

Instructions are given to clarify the upcoming situation for anyone about to settle in. The observant participant reads (punctation added for clarity:

“Don’t throw butts in this toilet. It makes them soggy and hard to light.”

toilet seat cover

Toilet seat cover in open position

“Gentlemen, stand close. it may be shorter than you think.”

“Ladies, please remain seated during the entire performance.”

It is reminiscent of the sort of article you would find in the guest bath right off the garage, or the restroom at the opposite end of a dark, dank basement.

The article is actually in good condition and could be useful again in a home, today.

If you think that should be your home, it is available at the Estate Store in Portland, Oreg.

Find it here: R. Crumb by your Bum.

After cake, Kailynn Doane heads off to Linfield College

August 21, 2013 Blog, Local Comments
Kailynn's College Shower

The sweet pause of summer tumbles away as books, paper and pens are herded into backpacks and moms look with longing after toddlers who stretch to their highest and march solemnly, if not a little hesitantly, into kindergarten. School year folds into year and suddenly a high school graduate stands in front of a gymnasium crowd with hand outstretched to grasp a well sought after diploma.

One big cheer and a chapter of life closes.

Summer expands before the graduate and he or she clamors to compete and capture a job to build a store of cash for the next adventure: college.


Good luck, Kailynn!

One of our lifetime members, Kailynn Doane, raced through childhood unexpectedly fast and just recently headed off to Linfield College to study math and communications. Before she left the haven of home, a group of admiring friends celebrated her passage to adulthood with what they fondly called a Dorm Shower.

The gift pile included laughter and advice. The afternoon was captured by authors  Carolyn J. Rose and her husband Mike Nettleton, in their blog post titled, One Foot Out of the Nest.

Read the entire post on their blog called: Deadly Duo Duh Blog.

BIO: Kenneth M. Doane, President of the Doane Family Association of America, Inc.

Kenneth M. Doane

Kenneth M. Doane, of Vancouver, WA has spent all but seven years of his life in Washington State, a far cry from Plymouth where his ancestor Deacon John Doane landed in 1630.

Kenneth was the second child of Kenneth Irving and Nora O. Doane and grew up on Whiskey Ridge on the outskirts of Marysville, Washington.

“My interest in genealogy began at a very young age when I first attended grade school,” says Kenneth M. Doane. “The teacher asked the question, ‘where did your ancestors come from?’ My fellow first graders answered the question with England or Norway or Sweden (never a combination of the two), and a couple other places that I cannot remember. For me the answer was, ‘I do not know, but I will ask and tell you tomorrow.’”

That evening he got an answer, but it didn’t necessarily assuage his full curiosity.

“My parents laughed when I asked them where we came from. They told me, ‘Well, let us see, there is English, Scottish, Irish, Canadian, maybe Dutch, Italian, and there could be others also, so you should just tell them you are an American.’ So from then on, I was just an American.”

Doane is educated, married and raises family in Washington State

President Kenneth M. Doane and First Lady Wilma,  Lummi Island, Whatcom County, 2011.

In 1952 Doane graduated from Marysville High School in Marysville, Wash., enrolled in Everett Community College in Everett Wash.,and met an elegant red-head in chemistry class – Wilma Armstrong, a graduate of Battle Ground High School, Battle Ground, Wash. Kenneth earned his A.A. degree, married Wilma in 1954, went on to study civil engineering at the University of Washington. After their first child was born, the couple moved to Vancouver, Wash. and two more children would follow. Doane was highly involved in his community participating in Jay-Cees and other volunteer groups and in 1968 he was awarded Vancouver Junior First Citizen of the Year for his many civic and church volunteer activities.

A few twists and turns took the family north to Bellingham, Wash., south into Oregon where they lived in Grants Pass, McMinnville, Warrenton and eventually Portland. In 1975, Kenneth M. Doane’s career brought him back to Vancouver where he became President and Manager of Land Title Company of Clark County, Washington. He was an avid member of the Rotary Club of Vancouver and served as President of the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce. In 1999, he retired as the Clark County branch manager for Transnation Title Insurance Company.

That interest about where his family came from, however, never waned and he decided to pursue it wholeheartedlly. Doane’s research proved he was related to a 163- Plymouth Colony immigrant Deacon John Doane.

The Deacon has been a source of first class sleuthing and some head scratching for almost 150 years as many in the Doane family have sought to discover the origins of the man who established the present day family.

Non-profit started to formalize genealogy research

In fact, the Doane family is so serious about their research efforts that they began meeting as early as the mid-1800s, and although it was a friendly family picnic, of which pictures exist in the archives of Doane College, their mission has been a straight drive down a bumpy road of incredible discovery and dashed hopes as the family has, so far unsuccessfully, attempted to jump their genealogy over the Atlantic Ocean to England, where the Deacon is believed to have been born.

In July of this year, the family met for the 52nd time. Their biennial reunions are officially organized by a nonprofit, the Doane Family Association of Amercia, Inc., and usually occur in a venue that is of some significance to the Doane Family. Those venues are easily located as Doanes have had an impact on many places.

Doanes have established Doane College, Doane Academy, built Doane Trucks, invented Doan’s pills, created Doane Paper, held positions in government, news, entertainment, manufacturing, et. al., and always gathered around the family table – a picnic table in the summer for joyous – all across the country.

The picnic reunions grew into a nonprofit and today 965 members belong and contribute to the 501(c)(3) which administers two college scholarship funds. One fund awards educational dollars to descendants of Deacon John Doane, and the other is open to general students attending Doane College in Crete Nebraska – one of the top 50 Midwestern colleges as ranked by Forbes.com.

Doane Family Association chooses new leader

This year the ultimate historic reunion event took place in Plymouth, MA. The association provided historic tours of New England. Attendees visited Doane Rock – the largest ice-carried boulder on Cape Cod, wandered through the brush at the Deacon’s homestead, ate chowder, and elected a new president – Kenneth M. Doane.

What will Kenneth M. Doane do now that he’s running a national organization? Well, he’ll raise money to grow the college scholarship fund, publish a third volume in the family’s history, and administer the family’s DNA project, a joint program with Family Tree DNA.

“Through the DNA project, and other research that has become available online, we want to pursue the identification of Deacon John Doane’s parents who we believe came from England,” said President Kenneth M. Doane, still pursuing that first-grader’s interest in his family’s origins.

The Doane Family Association of America, Inc. is very inclusive, says Kenneth M. Doane. It welcomes those with surnames of Doane, Doan, Done, Donne, variations thereof, their spouses and descendants – as well as anyone interested in the family’s history which encompasses the notorious Doan Outlaws of Bucks County Pennsylvania which were featured on a segment of PBS’s History Detectives.

And that’s a (Saran™) wrap

The next national reunion will feature more historic tours, the latest on their genetic research, history presentations, family updates and lots of pictures. It will be held July 2014 in Michigan where the family will visit Dow Chemical and learn how a Doan brought Saran™ Wrap to life to keep our food fresh.

More information
National organization www.doanefamilyassociation.org

We’d like to tell your family’s story. Contact us to set up an interview, doanefamilyassociation@gmail.com.

Carol Doane featured in Innovator documentary

September 4, 2012 Celebrities, Local, Media, Video Comments

The program Innovators of Vancouver is an online documentary video series capturing and honoring leaders of vision, passion and action living and working in the Vancouver, WA area.

Based on her dynamic role in the community, Regional Vice-President Carol Doane was chosen in 2011 as an Innovator of Vancouver. Her career has been spent in management and media sales and she has held leadership positions in two of the media companies where she has worked. Doane’s additional expertise lies in social media marketing, public relations and outreach.

Carol Doane is a sought after small business consultant and regular speaker on social media, marketing, and writing for digital media. Her public service includes volunteering on the boards of several non-profits related to education and community events including the Doane Family Association of America, Inc.

Currently, Carol Doane is an Interactive Account Executive for KGW Media Group, in Portland, OR.

About this video series, film maker Chris Martin says,

Whether serving local communities in Southwest Washington, or running global corporations or non-profit organizations, the Innovators of Vancouver are using their creativity, energy and ambition to make the world a better place.

Innovators of Vancouver episodes air for five to ten minutes and are delivered exclusively in an online format. Martin strives for a handful of videos per years, but as his project develops there may be the possibility for more.

Chris Martin.

In 2006, Chris Martin founded Chris Martin Studios as a way to tell compelling stories of people doing interesting things in Vancouver, WA. The company combines his love of documentary video with the immediacy of online video distribution.

If you would like to learn more about Chris Martin or the Innovators of Vancouver series, email chris@chrismartinstudios.com.

Carol Doane also serves as the Doane Family Association Chapter President for the Oregon, Washington, Idaho region.

Audio interview with Wilma Doane on reading good books

Wilma Doane chats with author Harlan Coben at the Poisoned Pen bookstore. Photo: Ken Doane.

Pictured at left: Wilma Doane and author Harlan Coben at the Poisoned Pen bookstore in Arizona. (Photo: Ken Doane)

Avid reader Wilma Doane is warming up to Kindle but still finding hardback bargain books

Wilma Doane, a resident of Ridgefield, WA is an avid book lover. She reads two to three books a week and makes a point to indulge in “cheap entertainment,” buying a hardback book when it includes an event with the author.

CLICK Play to listen to the audio interview of Wilma Doane.

Last year, she received a Kindle for Christmas. She hasn’t is slowly warming up to the concept of electronic books. She says that it’s not “easy to share books in the same way it is when you can hand off a paperbook or a hardback.” She also laments the difficulty of knowing how close you are to the end of a good book. But she laughs at her transition between the paper and electronic world.

“When I first started using it (the Kindle), I found myself getting my hand ready to turn the page.”

After reading all those books, Doane noticed a trend in authors that she appreciates, combining research of current events to create suspense novels. One of her recent favorites underscored the unsupervised, yet federally funded, wind farms in Wyoming.

“The mystery was woven around all this very relevant, current information, which makes those kind of books interesting to read, besides the mystery [and] wondering what will happen at the end.”

Doane wouldn’t call herself a writer, but during her career as an escrow officer in the title insurance industry she had plenty of opportunity to write. Her development of the company’s first escrow manual became an important training resource.

“When I worked, a lot of my writing was technical writing – writing something so somebody else could understand about something.”

Outside of work, her writing was more inward focused. “When you have something that’s troubling you, if you can write it out, it’s very therapeutic.”

Wilma Doane’s memoire. Photo: Kailynn Doane.

While Doane says she never thought about writing a book, she did compile a spiral-bound notebook of her life’s journey and shared her memoir with family members as a holiday present.

Today, Wilma Doane is retired and loves the freedom of not having deadlines, she says, “Except the ones I create for myself.”

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