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November 3, 2015 Blog, Events, National Comments Off on Vote!

John Doan performs his harp guitart in Southeast Asia

October 19, 2014 Blog, Local Comments Off on John Doan performs his harp guitart in Southeast Asia
John Doan SE Asia tour

In August former chapter President and musician John Doan traveled to Southeast Asia to perform on his Harp Guitar.

Besides exploring exotic places and meeting new friends, he captured the experience in a series of photo journal posts on his website.

Experience John Doan’s unique and quirky sense of humor as he takes some fascinating and unusual paths along the concert trail.

Part 1 of John Doan’s Southeast Asia Tour post covers:

  • Xi’an China
  • 1000 seat hall sold out
  • Discovery of 1400 year-old pagoda
  • Meeting China’s leading guitar builder

Read the post on johndoan.com/se-asia-tour.

John Doan SE Asia tour

John Doan performs in SE Asia

How to have an enduring and happy marriage

March 9, 2014 Blog Comments Off on How to have an enduring and happy marriage

Marriage is the commitment of joining two vastly different people who have their own personalities, traditions, values and expectations. Melding those into an acceptable compromise is a formidable task and isn’t always successful.

This is when love pokes its head into the mix. That early attraction and passion that brought you together must have some meaning to make it worth the effort to find the path you both wish to continue to travel. There is no guarantee how rocky, crooked and rough that path may be but sometimes you just know and see there is light at the end of the tunnel and you travel holding hands and struggling forward.

Love and passion are the first stepping stones of many in marriage. Hopefully those attributes never fade completely away, but over the years their intensity becomes lessened as life just pushes them aside with children, job responsibilities or loss, illness, and financial concerns. It usually doesn’t take much to start the fire burning again — with just a little extra love and care — as long as you keep that fire carefully banked and glowing and never let it die out.

Two of the absolute necessities to a long marriage are trust and respect towards each other. Lies and secrets are the things that will quickly put out the fire.

Because my experience of marriage was before the advent of all the technology we enjoy today, my husband and I have always had openness that I see declining today. We don’t have anything we would not want the other to be aware of so we often open each other’s mail, read each other’s e-mails and take messages for each other on the phone. We also share every penny either one of us earns and have joint accounts. Over the years, because my husband has done some extra jobs, one of our accounts he uses more than I do and I carry the checkbook on the other.

We also never go “shopping” without an understanding of our outstanding debts so we don’t buy something expensive without the others knowledge. It took a while to achieve, but we only use credit as a convenience and have always believe in saving something.

Share a long hug.

Share a long hug.

We never make a couple’s commitment without checking with our spouse first. We’ve never restricted each other’s commitments to outside activities but sometimes in honesty I have probably felt left out at home with kids while he was out having fun without me. But I trusted he would act as if I was there so never had the worry of an affair or unfaithfulness.

That’s the example of trust and respect so that you never abuse the foundation of your marriage by actions that you knowingly know will hurt your spouse.

A long marriage is a long road with lots of bumps, but as you travel along together sharing the joys and sorrows and find yourselves close to the end of that road and still can laugh and joke and enjoy the wonderful friendship you’ve created you’ve had a successful journey.

Being a special friend, listening without criticism or even harder without advice is what makes the bonds of marriage close tightly around binding you into a cohesive partnership and friendship.

I have always love Kahlil Gibran analogy about marriage as two strings that have a song to sing but when played together they make music.  May you sing beautiful songs together.

~ W. Doane, March  2014

Editor’s Note:  Thank you to our member who shared this insightful advice. If you have an article to share, email to: doanefamilyassociation@gmail.com.

Farewell to Ted H. Doane

February 22, 2014 Blog, Obituaries Comments
Ted Doane feature

Ted H. Doane was born May 12, 1930, on the family farm near Fairview, Okla. to Harry and Clarella (Odell) Doane. He passed away surrounded by his loved ones Feb. 18, 2014, at the age of 83.

In 1948 Ted Doane graduated high school in Fairview, Okla., graduated in 1952 from Oklahoma A&M, known today as Oklahoma State University–Stillwater, and went on to receive his M.S. and Ph.D. from Kansas State University. From 1953-1955 he served in the United States Army.

He married Alice Lee Watt July 18, 1954.

In 1955 he began his education career with the University of Nebraska in Dawson County as assistant county agent. In 1956 he joined the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Animal Science Department and was known as a favorite teacher training other teachers who eventually taught his grandchildren.

In 1964, Professor Doane and his family spent two years at Ataturk University in Turkey and in 1975 spent two years at Kabul University in Afghanistan lending their expertise to university teaching and extension programs. They’ve led student study tours to Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy, and many more countries.

In 1967 when the winter 12 weeks Japanese Agricultural Training Program began on the University of Nebraska East Campus Doane was their lead teacher and continued until 1972.

He had retired from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1966, but returned to the agricultural program in 1997 and stayed for a decade as professor and then program coordinator.

Ted Doane was remembered by former graduate student Mark Roberson for his “humor, generosity and kindness.” Karol Fike called him a mentor and friend, “He was always so kind and helpful and pleasantly ornery.” Several people, including Marie and Bob Lehfeldt, enjoyed Ted’s friendliness at the MAKE IT WITH WOOL national convention.

Throughout his career he taught over 10,000 students and advised nearly 1,200. Each year through the Doane Undergraduate Scholarship in the College of Agricultural Science and Natural Resources, Ted and his wife Alice helped an animal science student.

For 20 years he served as a 4-H club leader and for more than 30 years worked with youth in 4-H and FFA at county and state fairs where he served as superintendent for the Ak-Sar-Ben 4-H Sheep Show and the Nebraska State Fair Sheep Show.

One of his daughter’s friends posted online, “The world lost an incredible man. I smiled as I recalled the numerous hours spent with Amy asking each other’s dads for money at the State Fair so we could sneak away and ride rides. Something tells me our dads knew for years what we were doing and played right along,” Diane Taylor Walter.

Tom Dawson remembered fishing in Minnesota with Ted Doane, “and our lively discussions at the picnic table.”  In addition to outdoor hobbies, Ted Doane was an active contributor to numerous university committees, adviser for Block and Bridle Club, Nebraska Registered Sheep Association, as well as a member of the First United Methodist Church in Waverly, the  American Legion, the Waverly Grange and Master of the Nebraska State Grange.

Tom Baumann, Elections Board Coordinator acknowledge Ted Doane’s years of service. Gary Nelson from Nebraska Children’s Home Society acknowledged Ted Doane’s contributions to their work.

Most of all I will remember Ted the gentle human always ready to help. You have left a hole in all our lives,” Tom Dawson.

Ted’s honors include: the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Distinguished Teaching Award, the Parents of Student Teaching Award-four times, the Gamma Sigma Delta Teaching Award of Merit, the LK Crowe Outstanding Student Advisor Award, the Walnut Grove Livestock Service Award, The National Association of Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture Fellow Award, the CASNR Alumni Association Legacy Award, the UNL Alumni Association’s Doc Elliot Award, and the Award of Merit from the Nebraska Agriculture Youth Council, and in April 2013, Nebraska Hall of Agricultural Achievement honoree.

Ted H. Doane, May 12, 1930 - February 18, 2014

Ted H. Doane,
May 12, 1930 – February 18, 2014

Survivors include his wife, Alice; daughters and spouses, Bonnie and Mark Lemke of Walton, Amy and Scott Kica of Omaha; grandchildren and spouses, Valerie and Adam Hunt of Lincoln, Bryce Lemke of Clermont, Fla., Connie and Michael Bridges, Ashlee and Lee Kica-Johnson, Kortnee and fiance Kyle Lechtenberger and Zyree Kica of Omaha; four great-grandchildren; brother and spouse, Ben and Betty Doane of Lawton, Okla.; sister, Harriet Doane of Fairview, Okla.; and many nieces and nephews.

Family will greet friends Saturday 3-5 p.m.
Roper and Sons
4300 ‘O’ St
Lincoln, NE

Funeral services Sunday, February 23 at 2 p.m.
First United Methodist Church
14410 Folkestone
Waverly, NE | Directions

Burial 1 p.m.
Rosehill Cemetery, Grant, NE | Directions

Waverly Methodist Church Elevator Fund
14410 Folkstone
Waverly NE, 68462

University of Nebraska Foundation Doane Scholarship
Animal Science UNL
P0 Box 830908
Lincoln NE, 68583-0908

Ag Achievement honors

Midwest Producer

Roper and Sons Funeral Homes

Journal Star

President sinks a hole in one!

February 17, 2014 Blog Comments

The President sinks a hole in one!

Were you thinking the President of the United States?

You are close. But think closer to home, or closer to family.

It was the President of the Doane Family Association of Amercia, Inc., Kenneth M. Doane.

What a great way to celebrate President’s Day.

Congrats, Ken!

Hole in one score card.

Hole in one score card.


President’s Day holiday closures

February 16, 2014 Blog Comments

On Monday, Presidents’ Day, expect the following closures or adjusted schedules:

BANKS: Most closed. Some in-store branches may be open. Check your bank for details.

BUSES: Most follow regular schedule.

COLLEGES: No classes for state colleges and universities. Some institutions of higher learning will have offices open. Call first.



FINANCIAL MARKETS: U.S. markets closed.

GARBAGE: Most operating per usual, or one day delayed.

GOVERNMENT OFFICES: Offices closed. Washington Legislature in session.

MAIL: Post offices closed. No home delivery except Express Mail. Some postal units are open year round. Check your local area.

PARKING METERS: On-street parking free on holidays.



UTILITIES: 24-hour customer service, and for outages or emergencies available. Check local phone numbers.


Have a great holiday.

Interviews of Doane VIPS, the furry kind

January 26, 2014 Blog Comments

Doane families across the U.S. harbor very intelligent family members who rarely speak out.

Due to the highly trained staff of Pets Add Life this exclusive video was captured of Doane pets actually sharing their thoughts.

The incredible video includes some rarely before shared secrets:

–  What’s it like being an only pet?

–  What do you think you’re doing?

–  How are you doing

The video also includes some rarely before seen footage:

–  Diversion tactics.

–  Special crooning.

At this point we would like to reassure all participating families in this special video that during the making of the film absolutely NO FAMILY SECRETS WERE DIVULGED. Your secrets are still safe.


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