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Doanes traveled by wagon to populate the Wild West.

The Doane Family Association of America, Inc. is a wealth of information on history, people and places of significance to the Doane family. Leadership sprouts from all walks of life, and the diversity of our natures and personal interests help the association navigate the dense forest of our family tree. Driven by a desire to discover the mystery of our origins, DNA projects are pursued, documents lying in the shadows are diligently sought and uncovered, and one by one cousins are located, celebrated and encouraged to join our nonprofit.

Flying bald eagle soars above mountain tops.

The Oregon Washington Idaho Chapter of the Doane Family Association of America, Inc. lies directly in Wild West where passions ride high and independent spirits soar over the uneven landscape that is our heritage. As noted on our logo, we value family, character, education, a strong work ethic, service to country and God. Our founder, Deacon John Doane, would be proud that his footsteps planted on the shore of Plymouth in 1630 produced faithful family members, a few outlaws, and rich stories to fill volumes and volumes of Doane books.

Learn more about us by reviewing our bylaws. Read the concepts behind the development of our logo. Visit the national website to garner more information about Deacon John Doane.

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In the process we hope you’ll find enough information to pique your curiosity and spark a desire to celebrate our shared family history.

We hope you make the decision to join us by submitting your annual dues of $8.00 to:

Doane Family Association, OWI
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