Spotted in a Doane home: vintage toilet seat cover

August 31, 2013 Blog, Local Comments

Incredibly someone bought this toilet seat cover. The more astounding fact is that someone actually conceived it and put it into production.

This vintage piece of bathroom history features a poor fellow who looks much like an R. Crumb illustration, but upon deeper inspection it is likely Mr. Toilet Man is just a flattering imitation.

That, however, is just the beginning of his deep issues.

Once the toilet lid is lifted – in the open position, serious issues of the man sitting in the can come to light.

Instructions are given to clarify the upcoming situation for anyone about to settle in. The observant participant reads (punctation added for clarity:

“Don’t throw butts in this toilet. It makes them soggy and hard to light.”

toilet seat cover

Toilet seat cover in open position

“Gentlemen, stand close. it may be shorter than you think.”

“Ladies, please remain seated during the entire performance.”

It is reminiscent of the sort of article you would find in the guest bath right off the garage, or the restroom at the opposite end of a dark, dank basement.

The article is actually in good condition and could be useful again in a home, today.

If you think that should be your home, it is available at the Estate Store in Portland, Oreg.

Find it here: R. Crumb by your Bum.

Agriculture conference addresses uncertainty

August 28, 2013 National Comments
St. Louis

Doane’s have been involved in agriculture since the Pilgrims established gardens in the Colonies. Today, Doane Advisory Services announced its 29th Agriculture Outlook Conference to be held October 2013 in St. Louis, Mo.

The conference features a seasoned team of Doane economists, industry experts and consultants to address the uncertainties of  today’s agricultural market.

“The conference theme, ‘Agriculture – Navigating the Uncertainty’ will provide a valuable picture of the expectation for agriculture,” Shane Jones, Doane’s general manager, said in an advisory release. “Anyone that is impacted by the agriculture segment will benefit from attending. We will have representatives from agribusiness, financial firms, food processors, and restaurant chains.”

Speakers are slated to cover major food industry trends, agricultural policies, macroeconomics, and will feature crop consultants. Ample opportunities for networking  and engaging discussions are promised.

Doane Advisory is an agricultural economics firm with expertise in market analysis, commodity price outlook, risk management, and economic analysis, according to the release and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vance Publishing Corp.

Learn More:

Doane Agriculture Outlook Conference

Doane 2013 Agriculture Outlook Conference, St. Louis, Mo.

Doane College Harlem Shake, it was bound to happen, right?

August 27, 2013 Media, Video Comments
doane college harlem shake

According to the post on YouTube Courtney Hedgpeth, a student at Doane College comments, “That is the president of our college that started it…”

All we can say is, “Go, Jacque Carter!”

Great things ahead for Doane College reports Jacque Carter

August 25, 2013 National Comments
Doane College, Crete NE

Great things lie ahead for Doane College, said Doane College President Jacque Carter on Tuesday, August 20 in an address to the Grand Island Rotary Club, Grand Island, Neb.

Currently Doane College has just over 2600 students. The Nebraska Crete Campus has 1,000, the campuses of Lincoln and Grand Island have 768 combined, and 886 graduate students add to the overall mix. Carter’s vision is to build enrollment on the main Crete Campus to 2,000.

Jacque Carter President of Doane College

President of Doane College Jacque Carter

But the goal of 2,000 students on the Crete Campus is not attainable if they rely solely on students from Nebraska, Carter told the Rotary crowd. Doane College will need to recruit international students to Crete, including students from countries such as China.

“If college students are to be successful in today’s world, they need an international perspective,” he said.

Read the entire story by Harold Reutter:
Doane College president speaks to Rotary Club.

After cake, Kailynn Doane heads off to Linfield College

August 21, 2013 Blog, Local Comments
Kailynn's College Shower

The sweet pause of summer tumbles away as books, paper and pens are herded into backpacks and moms look with longing after toddlers who stretch to their highest and march solemnly, if not a little hesitantly, into kindergarten. School year folds into year and suddenly a high school graduate stands in front of a gymnasium crowd with hand outstretched to grasp a well sought after diploma.

One big cheer and a chapter of life closes.

Summer expands before the graduate and he or she clamors to compete and capture a job to build a store of cash for the next adventure: college.


Good luck, Kailynn!

One of our lifetime members, Kailynn Doane, raced through childhood unexpectedly fast and just recently headed off to Linfield College to study math and communications. Before she left the haven of home, a group of admiring friends celebrated her passage to adulthood with what they fondly called a Dorm Shower.

The gift pile included laughter and advice. The afternoon was captured by authors  Carolyn J. Rose and her husband Mike Nettleton, in their blog post titled, One Foot Out of the Nest.

Read the entire post on their blog called: Deadly Duo Duh Blog.


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